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"I have worked directly with the major design firms throughout the country, helping them select, specify and deliver premium wood veneers for their projects. Now I am offering a unique service to the design industry that will cover every step in the process to successfully bring beautiful wood to projects."

Dan Meyerson Consulting’s services include:

  1. Consultation with architects and designers to facilitate their selection of appropriate wood species in accordance with their design priorities.
  2. Verification of inventories from their preferred sources and others if necessary, to ensure that available stocks will be on hand when their projects are built.
  3. Assistance in the writing of veneer and lumber specifications to create “iron-clad” guidelines that will guarantee full compliance with the design intent.
  4. Review of submissions and follow-up with contracted wood fabricators to ensure understanding and full compliance of the veneer and lumber specifications.
  5. Presentation to design staff, focusing on education and training in the use of wood veneer and lumber, and the related issues of availability, sustainability and affordability.
  6. Analysis of the firm’s particular needs and the inspection and review of their resource materials and samples.